Due Diligence

Completing the due diligence when purchasing a company can be one of the most important and valuable tools available to any entity. Ivan can assist organizations in:

  • Planning, executing and reporting on the financial viability of a company being acquired
  • Identifying weaknesses, transactions and balances which may be suspicious due to fraud or error
  • Identifying the risks and rewards of ownership
  • Identifying potential undisclosed liabilities to creditors, government authorities, shareholders and/or employees
  • Analysing and interpreting past and current financial performance
  • Reviewing the accounting records of the company and compliance with income taxes, consumption and excise taxes, and payroll taxes
  • Discussion with employees, bankers and legal teams for any possible contingencies and guarantees.

An integral part of acquiring a company is analysing or preparing a cash flow forecast or projection for the company’s shareholders, bankers or creditors. The particulars of Cash Flow Forecasts and Projections can be found in the “Accounting and Business Services” section.